Tentsile Lovenest for Wedding Couples

Alkaen 135,00 € / vrk

In Grelsböle Lovenest you will spend a memorable wedding night by floating in the tree and enjoy a gourmet dinner next by the sea. Lovenest Tentsile is just a few steps from the sea, with spectacular views of the sea and the bridge leading to the island of Kemiö.

Packet includes eco-toilet, grill place with barbeque, shelter, 10 liter canister of water and inflatable mattresses. There is a small dock where you can take a swim in the sea. Lovenest welcomes couples with a drink (non-alcoholic) and a delicious meal. Breakfast is a tasty cold breakfast and it will be delivered to Lovenest by 9am. You can enjoy breakfast at any time you want.

The Lovenest is not recommended for people with weak condition or fear of heights.

Tentsile is attached to the tree at a height of about 3 meters. There is a loop in the middle of the tent that makes it easy to pull yourself inside.

Lovenest has sleeping bags for two people, sleeping mats, pillows, pillowcases, fleece blanket, head lamps and genuine sheepskin. It is cool in the summer, warm in spring and autumn. Tentsile is an ideal experience for those who are looking for something new. The tent is fixed to trees without damaging them. When the sun is shining, you can sleep only mosquito net on or if it is raining, the raincover keeps you dry.

Lovenest is 200 meters from the parking lot, walking distance. Sauna and the farm's self-service kiosk are located near the parking lot, also the nature trail starts from there. Tentsilemäki is located about a half kilometer from the parking area, direction of forest. The paths to Lovenest, nature trail and Tentsilemäki are marked clearly with colored reflective signs.

Lovenest is a new experience by the sea, in Grelsböle. It will be opened in summer 2019. Tentsilemäki accommodation started in summer 2017. We are part of the official Tentsilecamps.   www.tentsilecamps.com/en/finland/grelsbole

Visitors are informed about their rights in Finish forest. Check out http://www.ym.fi/fi-FI/Ajankohtaista/Julkaisut/Esitteet/Jokamiehenoikeudet_esite(4450)




Kohde0Päisterpääntie 156a,21590 Karuna
Lomakohteen tyyppi:Muut
Asuinpinta-ala:5 m²
Vuoteiden määrä:2
Lisätietoja:Tent in the tree, no heating, no winter use, no electricity


Varustelun kuvaus:Eco-toilet, possibility to rent a wood-heated sauna
Pihan kuvaus:Wood-heated campfire
Rannan kuvaus:A shallow beach, own small platform
Aktiviteettien kuvaus:every mans rights

Liikenneyhteydet ja palvelut

Liikenneyhteydet:Private car, bicycle, small boat (only 1 meter of water), paddle, hiking, public transport limited, bus stop 1,5 km
Ajo-ohjeet:Päisterpääntie 156a 21590 Sauvo

On arrival from the north E18 take the exit road 181 direction Sauvo, Kemiö, drive road 181 about 25 km, see the sign to Grelsböle Farm on your right-hand side

On arrival from the south 181 from Kemiö to the direction of Sauvo, Paimio Tarvasjoki. Approximately 10 km from Kemiö center, see the sign to Grelsböle Farm on your left-hand side.


Lovenest-Parking place0 km
Parkin place- Lovenest path
Farms self-service kiosk0 km
Lovenest- self-service kiosk
Hiidenkirnu and place for a view2 km
Within walking distance you will find a giant hole, 100 meters from the top of the rock, during a good weather, can overlook to Parainen / Pargas
Tentsilemäki0 km
Centre of Kemiö; shop, pharmacy, ATM (cash machine)12 km
Lähimmät palvelut, kauppa, apteekki, pankkiautomaatti
Turku, Finland50 km
Nearest city
Helsinki 170 km
Capital, Finland
Nearest airport53 km
Turku Airport, Lentoasemantie 150, Turku
Bus stop1 km
Nearest railway station42 km
Railway station, Asematie 2 Salo


Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Y-tunnus: 2261642-0
Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Y-tunnus: 2261642-0
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