Superior Landscapes

Canada is a massive country to explore with vastly different oceanic experiences on each coast and the world's largest lake in the middle. Canada has vast forests filled with rivers, streams and majestic waterfalls all waiting for a Tentsile explorer to make them their next campsite. In Canada there are no limits to the choices you could make - you might find your Tentsile adventure near a mountain side view scape, or next to the St. Lawrence River for a chance to hear the whale songs during the night, whatever your ideal adventure you can find it here.

Canada has a large network of national and provincial parks which can help make your initial trip planning a breeze. The Trans-Canada highway stretches across the country and includes many scenic vistas, to make covering the distance between your chosen destinations an adventure of its own whether you are travelling by bike, car, or camper. If you make it to the crossroads of Canada at the northern tip of Lake Superior, make sure you swing by the Natural Edge EcoPark to enjoy North America's first Tentsile Experience Camp!

Nipigon, Lake Superior

Fast flowing rivers, wondrous waterfalls, and the world's largest lake, these waters are ready to be explored by you. Come and take part in a once in a lifetime experience, by paddle or sail, for your Tentsile Experience this summer!

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