Gift Certificate Tentsile Experience EcoCamp Nuuksio summer 2020 for tree persons

240,00 €

Overnight for 3 people in Nuuksio Tentsile EcoCamp area in summer 2020

3 person / 3 person Stingray Tree Tentsile - € 240

One Night Package includes:

  • Tentsile Stingray tree tent+Trillium Hammock
  • Trillium Hammocks can be used to add sleeping space for fellow campers, or simply to expand the space of your tree tent for extra gear, shoes, dogs or wet stuff.
  • Sleeping bags, Sleeping bags liners, Towels
  • Breakfast at Restaurant Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre
  • Tickets to main exhibition and special exhibition Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre
  • Teepee hut on Tentsile area for a common residence, campfire firewoods, tea pot, cups, plates, tea, mustard, napkins and tables and benches, drinking water.
  • Indoor toilet and shower
  • Head lamps for dark nights

Please note:

Good gift card holder / recipient!
The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
The gift card entitles you to stay overnight between 1 June 2020 and 30 September 2020.
Book a suitable time for your stay by using the gift card code in the online store



Honkalintu Oy
+358 50 330 8077
Y-tunnus: 1703570-1
Honkalintu Oy
+358 50 330 8077
Y-tunnus: 1703570-1
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