Arctic Nightless Night Yoga Retreat

Alkaen 875,00 € / 5 vrk

Tuesday 9th July - Sunday 14th July


Tuesday 23rd July - Sunday 28th July


Summer is the time to let go of the past, to celebrate the fire inside us, to strengthen our internal fire. With it, we will break away from everything that no longer serves us, cleanse the body, mind and soul, and give room for new winds.
We live in a moment, with a full heart - we are here and now.

Ivalo Yogas' Nightless Night Retreats are designed for everyone, regardless of your previous yoga background.

The topics of retreat are firmly related to physical and psychological development of one self, deep cleaning of the body and mind, and learning how to harness creativity, gentleness and inner power into our daily lives.
This is done through a daily practise of yoga, mindful painting and writing, forest hikes and traditional finnish sauna.
Retreats are aimed at anyone interested in self-development and well-being.
Whether you were on your first steps of yoga journey or practiced for years, you will get a lot out of the retreat.


Retreats are organized in collaboration with Forrest Gamp Lapland - Resort, ( ) which cherishes the peace and sustainable development of nature.

We will cook food from local, self-collected goods as much as possible, in a summer kitchen built from recycled materials, in peace without hurry.
Please inform your dietary and any food allergies in advance.
Accomodation takes place in authentic 2-person Tentsile tents, covered from the weather. During the retreat, participants will have a spacious glazed summer kitchen with a terrace, an outdoor sauna with a dressing room, and other facilities such as a covered yoga patio in their usage.

Participants are advised to bring casual, easy to move in - clothing, a few warm blouses and outdoor clothing. It is a good idea to bring your own towel, other washing necessities are included with the accomodation.

Maximum number of participants for each retreat is 6 people. Places will be filled in the order of registration.



Tuesday - Arrival at your chosen time

14-16    - Getting to know each other and the environment + Lunch
16-17    - Settling down
17-18    - Gentle Vinyasa Yoga
19 - 22  - Sauna and Dinner


7.30-9.30    - Morning Vinyasa & Meditation
9.30 - 11     - Breakfast
12 - 15        - Rowing trip to the Lake
15-16.30     - Lunch
18 - 19.30   - Evening Flow

20-22          - Sauna and Dinner


7.30-9.30     - Morning Vinyasa & Meditation
9.30 - 11      - Breakfast
12 - 17         - Hiking to crystal clear lakes, Packed Lunch in the forest
18 - 19         - Yin Yoga
19 - 22         - Sauna and dinner


7.30 - 9.30     - Morning Vinyasa & Meditation
9.30 - 11        - Breakfast
12 - 16           - Mindfull painting and light lunch
18 - 20           - SaunaYoga in small groups
20 - 22           - Dinner


8 - 10              - Morning Vinyasa & Meditation
10-11              - Breakfast
12-15             - Creative Writing in Nature
15-16             - Light Lunch
18 - 20           - Sauna & Hot Thub
20-22             - Dinner

23-00             - Nightless Night Meditation - Ending

 Sunday - Leaving

The retreat officially ends with Nitghtless Night- meditation.
Breakfast is provided according to departure timetables, the possibility of your own
Mysore-style yoga practise is possible if your own schedule allows.

Ivalo Yoga & Wellness reserves the right to change the schedule. Weather conditions might modify the days of hiking and canoeing trips.

As a teacher I am fluent in Finnish and English, so if necessary, teaching and other activities are provided in both languages.

The retreat is located a few kilometers from Ivalo Airport, and a bus stop. Pick-up from both is possible. It is also possible to arrive by car.
You can arrive here also by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, from where you will need to continue by bus to Ivalo.


Reservations are final and the booking fee will not be refunded.

If you have reduced mobility, medication, or the like, first talk to your doctor about the suitability of this retreat for you.


For any further information or questions don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail, at

Looking forward to hear from you and see you in Lapland this summer! 




Forrest Gamp Lapland Tmi
Y-tunnus: 2822107-5
Forrest Gamp Lapland Tmi
Y-tunnus: 2822107-5
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