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This nature experience is aimed to adults, children or groups whom are interested in animals and the nature.

Number of participants: minimum 5 persons, maximum 12.

In the Farm of Grelsböle you will be met by the farmhouse host Miia and on the green here is also the goats Artturi and Akseli with they owner Johanna. Johanna will introduce the goat boys.

We start walking along the nature trail with the goats, along the narrow forest path towards Tentsilemäki.

On the way, we stop by to listen stories about the goats, and Johanna will tell how she got to know the legend story of the “Muistajanainen”. She will tell the old traditions and stories about the relationship of human and nature. There are small tasks on the way. You can pet the goats and treat them with delicacies.

After walk, the farmhouse host Miia, welcomes you to Tentsilemäki. Everyone will surely  be hungry after the walk. Johanna and her goats are saying goodbye at this point. At the Laavu (open wilderness hut) has a picnic basket full of goodies. We will enjoy the peace of nature, sound of forest and the campfire. After a lovely picnic we will explore Tentsile.

There are different tasks along in the nature trail. You get the assignments from the farmhouse host. Those who return the task labels, will receive a small surprise prize.

Evening is an own free time. You can eg. walk the nature trail,  swim on the sea or otherwise just enjoy the nature. You can rent a sleeping bag from us or use your own bedding.

In the morning, we enjoy the Grelsböle´s host good breakfast. There will be the farm´s delicious freshly baked bread, Salmensuu organic beefcut, cheese, cucumber and fresh rhubarb porridge with cardamom milk. Fruits or berries by season. Coffee / cocoa / herbal tea.

Please arrive in good time to Grelsböle Farm, no later than 14.00. The check-in time is 12 noon on the day of departure.

Johanna – the “Muistajanainen”. Who is she? A 44-year-old mother of a teenage boy who loves nature and animals. Here you can read more about her and the stories:

This nature adventure booking requires a minimum of 5 participants and maximum of 12.

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Grelsböle is a litter-free camping and lodging: you can leave compostable bio-waste in the compost, whatever else you bring with you, take it with you.

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For groups, children, adults. For special children and adults who can walk alone. Age recommendation, at least 4 years. Hiking trail on a forest path about 600 m, one way.
The nature trail has its own questions for children and adults.
No obstacle.

When moving in the woods, we recommend that you take out normal accident insurance. Because of a possible accident. such as a mosquito / wasp park in the park or on the way. We are not responsible for accidents caused by nature, animals or accidents. The farm is only responsible for meals and lodging. However, we are not responsible for any abuse or non-compliance. Grelsbölen Farma has liability insurance.

Miia Juvankoski is an entrepreneur on the Grelsböle farm and Tentsile Experience in Grelsböle. Gourmet chef and salesman. MTK School youth instructor. association 181 members. Miia has had good experiences of entrepreneurship from an early age. Long work history in the restaurant, cooking, sales and service sectors. Experienced leadership. He has led countless meetings. Hiking responsibility for young people. Years of experience in organizing group travel.

Johanna Luoma Bachelor of Social Sciences, Animal Assisted Coach, Literature Supervisor.
Johanna has worked as a mentor with special children, adolescents and adults. He also has experience in mentoring for substance abuse and child protection clients and groups of children.

Akseli and Artturi: Sympathetic and Friendly Goats Akseli and Artturi act as travel partners. The boys have years of experience performing, being with people. For visiting different situations and places. Usually goats move freely on the way.

Liikenneyhteydet ja palvelut

Liikenneyhteydet:Grelsböleen pääsee omalla-autolla, linja-autolla, pyöräillen, meloen, pienemmillä moottori/purjeveneillä. Linja-auto pysäkki sijaitsee noin 1,5 km päässä Sauvo-kemiöntien varrella. (maantie 181)


Turku keskusta50 km
Lähin suurempi kaupunki
Kemiönsaari12 km
Kemiönsaaren keskusta sijaitsee 12 km päässä Grelsbölestä. Täöölä on lähimmät palvelut, Supermarket, S-market, apteekki, lääkäri- ja muut palvelut


Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Y-tunnus: 2261642-0
Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Y-tunnus: 2261642-0
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