Grelsböle Pleasure Day + Tentsile night for 2 persons

Alkaen 100,00 € / vrk

Pleasure Day at Grelsböle Tentsilemäki includes a gourmet meal (meat), seasonal vegetables, Grelsböle's home-made bread, butter and dessert (buckthorn/chocolate). After the meal it is possible to take a sauna& swim at the sea, including Vihta (a bundle of fresh birch twigs that you can gently whip yourself with). The night is meant to spend in the open sky in the tents which are attached to the trees. A rich breakfast is served at the morning. Bed linen is included: blanket and duvet cover, pillow and pillow case, sleeping pad and sheet, fleece cover.

Tentsilemäki has a Laavu (open wilderness hut), campfire, barbecue, wood for fire, campfire equipments, eco toilet, a common sitting area in the tree, marked nature trail, a map from the area, dartboard and Mölkky (a fun Finnish game).

Pleasure Day package for 2 people includes dining, sauna, breakfast, one night in tents in the tree and linens.


Tentsilemäki has three (3) three-person Tentsile (tents in the tree) and one (1) two-person Tentsile,  one (1) a common sitting area in the tree,  Laavu (open wilderness hut), open fire place, eco toilet.

Open season June-July-August.

Additional Information:

Tentsile will be reached at Grelsböle Farm, Päisterpääntie 156a 21590 Karuna (parking area).

Check-in time at 3 pm. From the parking area signposted a half-kilometer walk to Tentsilemäki. The path goes through the woods and is therefore not recommended for people with limited mobility. Please inform the hostess if your arrival time is different: info@grelsbö or tel. +358 (0)44 533 0701.

The Pleasure Day package dinner is served on Laavu at 5 pm. Sauna time is from 7.30-8.50 pm. The breakfast is served at 9 am (Laavu).

At the farm of Grelsböle (near the parking lot) is a self-service farmshop where you can buy by cash eg. Grelsböle farms’ own baking and harvest products, Salmensuu Hereford grilled sausages, other nearby area products, ice cream, drinks and small souvenirs.

Tentsile delivery should be by noon on the following day.

If you have any special requests, please notify us at the time of booking or separately by email or tel. +358 (0)44 533 0701. At the latest 10 days before your arrival, your wishes will be carry out if it’s possible.

Possibility to rent a rowing boat separately. In the sea you can eg. paddle and sup-board with your own equipment, ask also sup-board for rent.


Kohde0Päisterpääntie 156a,21590 Karuna
Lomakohteen tyyppi:Muut
Vuoteiden määrä:2
Lisätietoja:Outdoor accommodation, in the trees


Varustelun kuvaus:No washing possibility unless renting a sauna. You can swim in the sea without renting a sauna.
Keittiön kuvaus:fire place, grilling equipment, coffee pan for camp fire
Rannan kuvaus:A seaside 0,7 km, suitable for children, rocky beach where you can spend time, not a sandy beach
Aktiviteettien kuvaus:Walking in the forest. In the sea you can fish, paddle or sup paddle with your own device. Rowing-boat rental.

Liikenneyhteydet ja palvelut

Liikenneyhteydet:own car, public transport 1.5 km away or taxi
Ajo-ohjeet:Päisterpääntie 156a 21590 Sauvo

On arrival from the north E18 take the exit road 181 direction Sauvo, Kemiö, drive road 181 about 25 km, see the sign to Grelsböle Farm on your right-hand side

On arrival from the south 181 from Kemiö to the direction of Sauvo, Paimio Tarvasjoki. Approximately 10 km from Kemiö center, see the sign to Grelsböle Farm on your left-hand side.


Kemiö center12 km
Kemiö center, marketplace, pharmacy
Grelsbölen Tila 1 km
Small kiosk, only cash. Tentsilemäki-Grelsbölen Tila 0,6km
Sauna1 km
Tentsilemäki- Sauna 0,7 km
Tentilemäki parking 1 km
Tentsilemäki- Parking 0,6km
Hiidenkirnu 2 km
stone-shaped round and deep pit on rock with water.
Karunan näkötorni (Observation towel)6 km
Observation tower, sees the Karuna
Tentsilemäki1 km
Walking on a forest road the Tentsilemäki.
Parking/Grelsbölen Tila - Tentsilemäki 0,6 km


Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Y-tunnus: 2261642-0
Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Y-tunnus: 2261642-0
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