Skytent Ecocamp Taalintehdas

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Skytent Ecocamp - Tentsile Experience Camp Taalintehdas is an environmental responsible and experiential accommodation by the world's most beautiful and the biggest archipelago nearby an old ironworks village Taalintehdas (

Taalintehdas is an old ironworks village and the Skytent Ecocamp is located in the natural taiga forest by the lake. Taalintehdas is very open minded and unique community, that is strongly influenced by its history as a factory town. Nowadays Taalintehdas is a popular destination for tourists because of it’s historic and beautiful environment, comprehensive nature trails, beautiful harbour, hotels, restaurants and cafeterians.

Skytent Ecocamp Taalintehdas is located in a peaceful forest, within a walking distance of the Taalintehdas’ intimate and cosy village.

Taalintehdas is an excellent destinations, with interesting nature and culture attractions, and also with good and comprehensive quality services.

What's included in Skytent Ecocamp Taalintehdas

- Tentsile tent and trillium hammock
- sleeping bag and liner
- "ground" sheet
- pillow
- towel
- headlamp
- drinking water 
- lock to tent

You can also rent to Taalintehdas

- cooking equipments
- solar charger for mobilies etc
- portable travel shower with tent
- portable travel toilet with tent
- bikes with panniers
- suitcase storage
- binoculars
- dry bags
- Tentsile extra level

Also availeble from NaturEffect

- Nature and village guidings in Taalintehdas, Söderlångvik, Kasnäs, Högsåra and other places in Kimito Islands.
- Nature guidings in Örö Fortress island
- Guided tours by bike

Environmental responsibility

NaturEffect always takes care of the nature and the environment. We make sure, that Ecocamps are so ecological as possible. 

We also donate 5% of every euro from Ecocamps to nature conservation. Conservation destinations are Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and The Finnish Nature League. For those who travelled to Finland by plane we even provide voluntary carbon offsetting.



Kohde0Olavi Hjelmannintie 16, ,25900 Taalintehdas
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Keittiön kuvaus:You can also rent cooking equipments and portable stove from NaturEffect.
Pihan kuvaus:Forest by the lake.
Rannan kuvaus:Cliffy shore, but you can go to swim direct from the Ecocamp.
There are two swimming places near Taalintehdas village, more information from tourist information.
Aktiviteettien kuvaus:There is ver versatile activity services in Taalintehdas. See more:

Liikenneyhteydet ja palvelut

Liikenneyhteydet:Direct bus service from Helsinki:
Public transport:
Ajo-ohjeet:Follow Taalintehdas / Dalsbruk -sings.


+358 (0)407700065
Y-tunnus: 2880374-5
+358 (0)407700065
Y-tunnus: 2880374-5
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