What is a Tentsile Experience Camp?

A global network of travel services and secret nature retreats, offering low impact accommodation solutions and unique experiential getaways for every adventurer.

These eco-travel experiences are designed for the environmentally conscious; they are run and organised by local people, nature lovers and sustainably run organisations, who want to share their most valuable thing with you - their piece of Earth.

Each Tentsile Experience Camp is unique – from its surrounding scenery, flora and fauna, to the amenities it has on offer. Even Camps in the same country or climate have their own personality and specialities. Some offer a tailored activity package, whilst others simply encourage you to become immersed in the great outdoors focussing on your relaxation and well-being.

Upon checking into these Camps, we will welcome you into the Tentsile Tribe where you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful and unspoiled places on earth while meeting interesting, like-minded fellow travellers.

Our Mission

By helping our operators to open and run Tentsile Experience Camps around the world, we are providing a new generation of travel services.


At Tentsile, we create some of the world's most versatile tents. All our tree tents are made to be suspended over the ground, but in dry conditions can also be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent.

We plant trees

For every tent purchased we make a donation to plant 20 trees with our partners

Become TEC

We are looking for new experiences for our Tentsile Tribe!

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