Tentsile Experience Camps

We have created a number of Tentsile Experience Camps located around the globe - a network of travel services and retreats offering accommodation and low impact experiential getaways for every nature lover and adventurer.

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Where the road ends

In the Wilderness we see Nature at its finest. Experience incredible sights, sounds and seasons undisturbed by human activity. Here, you are invited to relax, unplug and reconnect with the earth. Unwind in our Tree Tents and bask in the beauty of the Forest, whilst enjoying the hospitality of our local guides.  

Experience Wilderness


Satisfy your hunger for culture

Culture is what gives us an insight into the past. Great stories, legends and historical events can be all be discovered in our Tentsile Experience Camps. Choose from a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other important landmarks of our human culture. We are honoured to be able to offer Tree Tent accommodation in these unique locations all around the world, and we welcome you to come and experience them first hand.

Experience Culture


Crystal clear Lakes and Endless Seaviews

Enjoy the freedom of the Great Outdoors, at our water front Tentsile Experience Camps. Relax with your choice of fishing, open water swimming, kayaking and SUP paddling. We have some of the world’s best hidden beach treasures waiting just for you. No need to fight for a sunbed at these locations. Pure bliss.

Experience water


Tree tent events

Tentsile organises our own annual Camp Outs, and we participate in many exciting events around the globe. Let us help you discover new festivals, events, parties, and friends - authenticity and good times guaranteed!

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